Pets are members of the family, just as much as you are.  We are staunch supporters of the Oregon Humane Society. If you decide to adopt a pet from the Oregon Humane Society we will pay the adoption fee.*

Arbor Day Foundation

 It takes trees to build a home but like any other renewable resource we can ensure trees will be available for generations to come. It took about twenty-five trees to build your home. We have partnered with The Arbor Foundation to plant two times that amount for every home we build so there will be trees for generations to come. ** 

Nature Conservancy

 We strongly believe that land is precious. There should be room on this planet for everyone, including natural habitats for animals. The Nature Conservancy reflects our morals and has dedicated some of their donated funds to purchasing land for the purpose of preservation. With every home purchased at Tickle Creek Village, we will donate funds in the buyer's name to ensure that The Nature Conservancy can continue purchasing land for future preservation.

Union Gospel Mission

  We build affordable homes but sometimes people need a hand up to get into safe housing. The Union Gospel Mission is completely funded by private contributions, including our own. From 2015 to 2019 over 70 percent of individuals who who completed at least one phase of their programs are gainfully employed and in stable housing today. 

ReBuilding Center

  We strive to build as efficiently as possible but there are always some left over materials. We donate them to the Rebuilding Center to help other families improve their homes and not let the materials go to waste.

Our Affiliates

National Association of Home Builders

The Builder**** of Tickle Creek Village is a memebr of the NAHB. NAHB provides us with knowledge, networking, expertise, and advocacy through education to best inform our development and building practices.

Earth Advantage

Your home at Tickle Creek village is certified by Earth Advantage. Certified homes comply with guidelines beyond code requirements, ensuring your home will be energy efficient, healthy, long lasting, and resource efficient.
Quality Builders Warranty is the nation's premiere provider of 10-year home warranties. QBW only chooses to work with builders of integrity. We're proud that your home at Tickle Creek Village will be backed by QBW.
All charity donations are strictly voluntary by us and none of these charities endorse our homes or our business in any way other than to confirm our contribution or membership. * Pet adoptions are subject to approval by the Oregon Humane Society and our participation is limited to the first year after you purchase your home from us.** You will receive a certificate suitable for framing acknowledging the donation in your name.*** The conditions and limitations of this warranty are fully described in the purchase documents.**** See for more information about The Builder